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Gym City Fitness (GCF)  is a 2,000 sq. ft. facility with a complete selection of modern exercise and strength training equipment! Gym City Fitness (GCF) is especially proud of its fabulous Personal Fitness Coaching program, the key to a successful, sustained and efficient training regimen. Highly affordable, customized programs geared to a variety of fitness goals are available. You can work out in two to five person groups (organized by gender and condition level) which provide the benefits of individual coaching and supervision by a top Coach with the advantage of shared cost (these sessions are fun, too). Or, you can choose to work out in private, intensive, one-on-one sessions.

In addition to its roster of top notch, certified Coaches, Gym City Fitness (GCF) also boasts a staff of specialists and instructors in various health and fitness disciplines who offer some of the best Group Exercise classes in the Chicago North-Shore Area.These classes are free with your gym membership and designed to fit everyone’s health and fitness needs. High intensity or Low intensity there’s a class for you. 

Gym City Fitness (GCF) is a Veteran owned and operated company with a passion to seriously go above and beyond for it’s clients. Their fitness philosophy is centered on five keys; strength, endurance, flexibility, stability and nutrition. Their goal is to raise the quality of the members’ lives; to help them become more active and vibrant in all aspects of their daily activities and to feel confident and happy with their appearance and health. So let’s FINISH STRONG!


Our Coaches

Allen Schmidt

Senior Coach

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Calvin Harris


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Angel Santiago

Senior Coach

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Our services

Semi- Personal Training

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1-on-1 Personal Training

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Corrective Bio-mechanics

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Corporate Fitness

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Nutrition Training

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Group Fitness Training

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I was looking for a coach who could do cycling and tri-athlon training. Angel , was great. He has done the sport himself and understood what I needed. We did butt heads on a few things, but he modified and progressed me to a win in Galena Tri-athlon sprint in 2014. So I would seriously follow his guidelines and he is also open minded to listening to your input. Be mindful he is very good at what he does and truly cares, but is not shy in telling you how it is either. That is what I really needed!

"Chet" C

Coach Angel has worked with me the last 4 years. After my car accident it was hard to move around, my C3 and C4 were jammed up and my L5 was also effected. I spoke to several Doctors and all told me the same thing, “SURGERY”! I did not want this and someone refereed me to Angel and it has been nothing less then a blessing. He assessed me and asked a series of questions but in the end he helped strengthen my core and got me to a point where I can manage the pain and jog again. No surgery yet to this day. So I recommend him if you really need to start moving again he’s great!

Lisa R.

I was feeling hopeless and thought no one was able to assist me in getting better! I went to countless doctors and specialists in searching for an answer to get past my injuries. I love sports, but I was very much in pain. Coach Angel, was referred to me by my close friend. He did not say that he would be able to do anything, but he stated he would try to get me moving again. To this day I am grateful for him working with me, he is tough and stubborn, but he has helped me in managing my day to day movements, and he constantly monitors. Now I said he’s tough but he is patient and truly cares and it shows in his training! 

Maryanne G


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Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

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